Boost Your Financial Health Webinar

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Taking charge of your finances and boosting your financial health is an important part of overall wellness and well-being. Your finances can affect your lifestyle and can also intertwine with your sense of well-being. So start by making important decisions about your finances and investments today.

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Deskercise! Stop Sitting and Start Moving

Determined businessman working at his deskThere’s mounting scientific evidence that sitting throughout the day – which millions of Americans do at work – can lead to a variety of health problems. In fact, excessive sitting is linked to 34 chronic diseases and conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as colon, breast, and endometrial cancers.  The bottom line is simple: sit less, move more.

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Child Development: Know What’s Ahead

Little girl smiling excitedly in a pool in summerChild development refers to the biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the end of adolescence. Every child grows and develops at his or her own pace. Still, child development tends to follow a fairly predictable path. Find out what language, social, cognitive and physical milestones to expect, from ages 2 to 5.

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Seven Steps to Safe Summer Workouts

Good advice for everyone exercising outdoors! Especially if you’re just starting to exercise regularly.

seven steps working out

Summer is a great time to workout – but it still has its risks! Share this tip sheet with your friends to encourage them to work out responsibly.

For details on these tips, check out The American Cancer Society’s blog post:

A Fit Pregnancy: What to Know

Thinking about getting pregnant? If you’re not active already, this is the perfect time to start moving more. Getting fit helps your health. And the healthier you are before you’re pregnant, the more likely you are to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Those are two very good reasons for making exercise a habit. Just take care to start slowly. Then gradually increase how active you are.

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Say No to These Summer Foods

fair food 2Summer is the season of catching rays, waves, and generally spending as many waking hours as possible outdoors. Summer also is the season in which food frequently takes center stage and, although many of these edibles are unquestionably yummy, they’re additionally capable of breaking the calorie bank, while simultaneously scoring extremely low on the good-for-your-health meter. Continue reading

Setting Good Example to Keep Kids Slim

Parents Should Set Good Example to Keep Kids Slim, Pediatrics Group Says

Family preparing lunch together

Avoid keeping sugary, high-calorie foods in the house, and encourage being active together

(HealthDay News) — As rates of childhood obesity continue to climb in the United States, parents should embrace healthy eating habits and behaviors to help kids maintain a normal weight, a new report says. Here’s how families can help combat childhood obesity.

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Fruits and Veggies: A Refresher Course

Here’s a little science refresher lesson on what’s in your fruits and veggies.

Every step taken towards eating more fruits and veggies helps you and your family be at their best. Because eating fruits and vegetables may reduce your family’s risk of many diseases, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating more fruits and vegetables than any other food group.

fruits and veggies infographic


Visit fruits & vegetables more matters.

Make this a Sunscreen-Smart Summer

beachAlthough sunscreen has been a summer staple for years now, the majority of Americans are sunscreen slackers. In fact, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 14.3 percent of men regularly reach for the sunscreen. While women do better at 29.9 percent, they’re not exactly setting sunscreen-use records.

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