New Video for Members Debuts Online: The Right Fit

Still confused about health insurance?        

Do you know which health plan is right for you? Do you want to learn more about how health insurance works? Or want to know what HMO, premiums, deductibles and in-network mean?                                                    

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Keeping Breast Cancer at Bay

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness iStock_000064626285_SmallDuring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Health Net hopes women will use this post as a reminder to discuss – based on history and lifestyle – the right plan for their breast health care. According to the American Cancer Society, all women should have a yearly mammogram after forty years old. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Keeping Kids Close During Deployment

5 military-family tips that ignite conversation and combat sadness

P161 croppedDeployment — whether it’s the first or fifteenth time — is difficult on a family. When a loved one is called to service, the spouse and children are often left battling feelings that range from extreme pride and love, to loneliness, anger, even resentment. Despite these feelings, families who understand each other’s feelings and needs can maintain good communication.

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Health Net Offers ‘Don’t Lose Sleep Over Stress’ Webinar

What happens at night when you're sleeping?According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, three-fourths of adults who have sleep problems due to stress and anxiety say that their sleep problems contribute to an increase of stress or anxiety in their daily lives. Sleepless nights can affect your ability to concentrate and stay focused the next day. Lack of sleep may cause negative mood swings, leave you lethargic…

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The Quit For Life® Mobile App

quit for life


The Quit For Life® Mobile App helps you, our Health Net members, go ‪smoke-free‬ at your own pace, allowing you to set your Quit Date, calculate your savings, and select your reasons to quit.

This mobile app gently reminds users when they may feel a relapse coming on, provides tips to help members succeed, and calculates potential cost savings!

Download the free app at

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Information for Wildfire Victims and Evacuees

Health Net is providing access to essential prescriptions and other services

Health Net, Inc. is helping ensure that Health Net members who are victims and evacuees of California, Oregon and Washington’s current wildfires have access to essential prescription medications, critical Health Net information and services to help them cope with grief, loss, stress or trauma.

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September is National Recovery Month

Natl Recovery MonthDid you know September is National Recovery Month? This health observance is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of mental and substance use issues and celebrating those who have overcome them.

Most of us know someone who has struggled with substance use or mental illness. One in four of us are living with mental illness, and 22 million of us have a substance use disorder, according to the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness’ Stamp Out Stigma website.

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Veggies + Fun = Spinach & Corn Quesadilla

A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, and also provides essential vitamins and minerals that are important for good health.

Plus, most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and are filling – so they’re great choices for maintaining a healthy weight! Continue reading

Tips to Help You Cope with Change

Feeling relaxed and sereneBudget cuts and layoffs are no longer unusual news. We all expect change in our workplace and in our life. Still, major changes, and even minor ones, can be stressful.

Change that is unplanned or unwanted can affect your moods and your health. You may feel angry, depressed or unmotivated. You might even notice sleep problems, headaches or loss of appetite. Continue reading