Tips for Grade A Grilling

Grilling tipsSummer is prime time for grilling up memorable meals.  Some would argue that food tastes best when cooked outdoors. Whether you’re a grill master or a barbecue newbie, break out the tongs and fire up the fun!

Following is smorgasbord of grilling tips and tricks. This article is mainly for meat-eaters, but you can apply many of these same tips to grilling vegetables or tofu, too.

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Safety Checklist: Keeping Baby Safe at Home

 Keeping your baby safe at homeYou might think you’re all set for your new baby. The crib you bought and carefully set up meets the current safety standards. You know that little ones should sleep on their back, not their tummy. Your car seat is installed the right way. But is your home-safety checklist complete? Here are some tips to help keep your baby safe.

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When Your Spiritual Health Needs a Boost

Your spiritual formationPerhaps you’ve been recently diagnosed with a serious—maybe life-threatening—illness and you’re struggling to cope despite having a strong religious faith that’s carried you through challenging times in the past. You may even feel as if this diagnosis is causing you to doubt your faith or that it’s somehow a punishment from God.  Those feelings are understandable.

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Hay Fever: When the Breeze Makes You Sneeze

When the breeze makes you sneezeHay fever is a terrible name. The condition has nothing to do with hay. It doesn’t cause a fever, either.

People with hay fever are allergic to tiny grains called pollen. Plants use pollen to make more plants. They send these grains into the air. The pollen is supposed to help new plants to grow wherever the wind takes it.

If you have hay fever, the pollen in the breeze may make you sneeze.

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Coping With Grief

Coping with griefNo matter the circumstance, it’s hard to move forward after losing someone important to you. Whether you have lost a friend, family member or colleague, allowing yourself to grieve can help you deal with the loss in a healthy way.

Grief is a natural response to loss, and it can unfold in many ways. And keep in mind that grief is a journey you do not need to take alone.

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The Health Benefits of Vacations

Road Trip! Health Net Points Out the Health Benefits of Vacations


Time for a road trip!With summer now in full swing, Health Net, Inc., is working to increase awareness that taking a vacation not only can be fun, but it also can bring a variety of health benefits.

While it might be assumed that Americans happily take time off, the reality – according to Glassdoor’s 2014 Employment Confidence Survey – is that the average U.S. employee only takes half of his or her eligible vacation time.

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7 Tips for a Safe Day at the Beach

Beach SafetyFew things say “summer” more than soaking up some rays with the scent of salt water in the air and sand between your toes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans take about two billion trips to the beach each year.

To help keep the beach bunnies and surfer dudes in your circle safe, follow these wise tips.

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Self-care for Swollen Sinuses

Help for your sinus headacheAre you among the 37 million Americans who have sinus problems each year?  If your face hurts from the cheeks up, you may have sinusitis. That’s what doctors call it when swelling in your sinuses blocks the openings of these air pockets behind your cheeks, forehead or eyes.

There’s a lot you can do to create a “sinus-friendly” environment — reducing your risk for sinus pressure. Even better, many of the measures are simple and inexpensive.

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