Don’t Fall Victim to the “Sneak Thief of Sight”

awareness_logoAt this very moment, some one-million Americans have a disease that could rob them of their sight. Even more startling: they don’t even know it.

That’s because they have glaucoma, an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and causes loss of sight that can lead to blindness. In fact, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness.

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Vegging Out: Tips on Switching to a Meatless Diet

Switching to a vegetarian dietThere are numerous reasons a person may choose to follow a vegetarian diet, such as religious beliefs, philosophical concerns or health. Becoming a vegetarian — especially if you’ve been a lifelong carnivore — isn’t always easy. Your best bet? Switch to a vegetarian diet in steps. A gradual change will give you time to find vegetarian foods that you like.

A good first step is to review your current diet. Make a list of foods that you regularly eat, paying special attention to vegetarian foods that you like.

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The Five Pillars of Happiness

Spending time togetherIn a little over a year, Pharrell Williams’ music video “Happy” catapulted to over 503 million views (and counting) on YouTube. The video’s upbeat tune and joyous dancers may leave us wondering, “How do I get that happy?” The good news is that most of what determines happiness is due to personality and thoughts and behaviors within our control. In other words, we can learn to be happier.

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Flying the Healthy Skies

Stay healthy while flyingMillions of Americans will take to the skies this year. When they land, it’s entirely likely that they will deplane along with a wholly unwanted gift: enough illness-inducing bacteria to fill a cargo jet.

While there’s no foolproof method to ensure you’ll be flying in a germ-free zone, experts suggest that the following steps will at least swing the odds of avoiding a plane-propelled illness in your favor.

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Infants Remember a Good Time, Study Finds

Happy babyPositive reinforcement seems to improve memory, researchers say.


When it comes to remembering things, infants appear to focus on the good times, recent research suggests. The new study included 5-month-old babies who watched a person on a computer screen talking to them in either a happy, neutral or angry voice, followed immediately by a geometric shape.

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Are You Ready for Change?

Tips on Making a Change and Making It Last

Time for change?As the new year sets in, you may begin to re-evaluate your life, habits, hobbies and discover that there may be room for change.  Maybe you want to eat healthier or exercise more.  Or maybe a new hobby would be a good addition to your life.  But making changes can be difficult. To improve your chances of making a long-lasting change, try these tips.

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Winterize Your Skin

How to winterize your skinKeep your skin from drying out in cold weather.


If you’ve long suspected that the winter months serve up a slew of itchy, red, and just plain unpleasant skin problems, then feel free to pat yourself on the back – because you’re absolutely correct.

The weather outside may be cold and dry, but with just a few seasonal adjustments you can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy in winter. Here are a few steps you can take that will help winterize your skin.

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Shaping Up for The New Year!

Start your year getting in shape!Now that the holiday cookies and other good cheer has found you feeling a little less cheery as you step on your scale, maybe it’s time to think about a fresh start to the new year with your approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Even though this time of year leaves less time for exercising, in order to avoid welcoming 2015 with a Santa-like physique, make a commitment today start anew with these tips.

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Cheers – Be Smart About Holiday Spirits

Joyful Christmas partyHoliday merriment seems to go hand-in-hand with imbibing holiday spirits, and – with just a bit of planning ahead and following a few smart-drinking tips – you can greet the next day happy and hangover-free. The first step toward consuming adult beverages smartly and safely is understanding the impact that alcohol has on our bodies.

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