Family + Fitness = Good Health

You know your family needs to get exercise. But it’s not so easy to get everyone up and moving. It might help to start by sitting them all down—to make a plan.

Begin by pulling out the calendar. Do you have half an hour before dinner one weeknight or some time after your meal? Pencil fun physical activities into those free times.



Home field advantage

You might choose to get physical with stay-at-home fitness. Dancing around the living room counts as exercise. So does playing tag in the yard. Even washing and waxing the car will work up a sweat.


Make it an away game

If you want to venture from home, you could:

  • Take a bike ride.
  • Go hiking.
  • Swim.
  • Ice- or roller-skate.


Need to get the kids motivated to move? Make it a contest. Winner picks music for the next car ride, or just gets bragging rights! Remember, finishing first does not always have to be the goal. You might award the prize to the kid with the best attitude!


Set goals to set your family in motion. Get started at


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Mike Spasoff