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P161 croppedHealth Net offers several online tools to help you in deciding where to get quality care and services. One of these is the Hospital Advisor Tool, which is powered by WebMD® and allows you to easily compare hospitals by the number of patients treated, mortality and complication rates, length of stay, and average costs. These reports are based on state, Leapfrog Group patient safety, and hospital satisfaction data.


Using the Hospital Advisor Tool

To use the Hospital Advisor Tool just log on as a member at and go to Next Steps (on the right hand side) > Compare Hospitals.


The Leapfrog survey measures four “leaps” of quality and safety practices:

  • Computer physician order entry
  • Evidence-Based Hospital Referral (EHR)
  • Intensive care unit (ICU) staffing by physicians experienced in critical care medicine
  • Leapfrog Safe Practices Score


Leapfrog focuses on patient safety standards which are proven to reduce preventable deaths and injuries, which means that hospitals that meet these standards have the potential for lower deaths and complications.


How to learn more

The latest Leapfrog survey results for hospital and patient safety are found on the Hospital Advisor Tool. Choose your hospital, then click on Safety > Leapfrog Hospital Survey tab.


For more information about the Leapfrog Group, visit Leapfrog’s website at the Leapfrog group website.


Hospital Safety Scores can also be found at the
Hospital Safety Score website.




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