Information for California Fire Victims and Evacuees

Health Net providing access to essential prescriptions during and after the emergency


Health Net is taking steps to help ensure that Health Net members who have lost their homes or been evacuated due to the recent major wildfires in three California counties have access to essential prescription medications, critical Health Net information and other services to help them cope with grief, loss, stress or trauma.


California Gov. Jerry Brown last week declared states of emergency as a result of the Blue Cut Fire in San Bernardino County, the Chimney Fire in San Luis Obispo County and the Clayton Fire in Lake County.


Prescription Information for Members

Health Net will approve payment for any essential prescription medications (with the usual copayments and deductibles) for any Health Net member in California whose medicine was lost in a wildfire or remained behind during an evacuation. To obtain an emergency supply, these members simply need to return to the pharmacy where the original prescription was filled. For questions or assistance, affected Health Net members may call 800-400-8987.


Coping Assistance for Members

Health Net members who lost their homes or have been evacuated due to the current wildfires may contact MHN, Health Net’s behavioral health subsidiary, for referrals to mental health counselors, local resources or telephonic consultations to help them cope with stress, grief, loss or other trauma resulting from the fires.


For the duration of the fires and their immediate aftermath, affected Health Net members may contact MHN 24 hours a day, seven days a week
at 800-227-1060.


Information for Health Care Providers

Health Net is taking steps to help ensure that health care providers in the areas of the wildfires are able to continue providing for Health Net members’ medical needs.


Health care providers who contract with Health Net may call 800-641-7761 for guidance on prescription refill guidelines, length of time to obtain authorizations for treatment, or approval for out-of-network services in the event a contracting provider or facility becomes unavailable.


Other Important Information

Depending on how the fire situations play out, Health Net may make additional changes to its policies as needed to ensure members have access to necessary health care services.




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