Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge

feet-on-scaleHealth Net is launching an exciting new health challenge for Health Net members. We designed the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge to help you make simple choices to control your weight. Health challenges are effective motivators, helping you to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes. And, you’ll earn credits as you complete your challenge activities! The program runs from November 1 through November 30, 2016.


How does it work?


  1. Start a challenge activity – And get off to a great start!
  2. Log your progress and earn credits!
  3. Finish the challenge – It’s that simple!


The activities in this challenge encourage healthy behaviors that support weight management, while discouraging unhealthy behaviors that promote weight gain. Some of the activities include:


  • Exercise at least 15 minutes daily.
  • Eat 1 cup of fruit and/or vegetables daily.
  • Not skipping meals – breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Limit sweets to 1 serving or less daily.


How can I participate in the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge?


  1. Log in to
  2. Select Wellness Center.
  3. Click on Explore All Wellness Tools.
  4. After reading the disclaimer, click Continue.
  5. Click on Rewards.
  6. Scroll down to “Join a challenge” and click Get Started.




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