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What are your goals for the new year?Whether we want to lose weight, work more effectively or just get the laundry done, we’re all in need of a little motivation now and then. These days we all wear so many hats, both at home and in the workplace, that it’s easy to lose motivation for even the simplest tasks. Here are a few suggestions for keeping yourself at the top of your game.


Seek out new challenges. Motivation often goes hand-in-hand with complacency. Taking on a new project at work may give you the jump-start you need to complete your everyday tasks with a little more enthusiasm. Finding new ways to perform even the most boring, repetitive tasks can make them seem new again.


Expand your skills. Enroll in a class to improve your computer skills or take a few cooking lessons to give you more variety at dinnertime. If your employer offers continuing education opportunities or learning programs, take them. Learning new things can motivate you to try them out and show off your newfound knowledge.


Take frequent breaks. Take a few minutes to look away from your computer and stretch your muscles every hour or so. Sit down with a glass of iced tea in between chores at home. You may find that taking a couple minutes to refocus your energy will give you enough motivation to complete your next task.


Seek feedback. If you can take some constructive criticism, ask others if they notice anything you may be able to improve upon. Often, we don’t realize we’re not functioning as effectively as we can until someone points it out to us. Armed with this new knowledge, we can become motivated to work better.


Reward yourself. Working toward a goal is a great motivator! Set the guidelines yourself – If you finish painting the living room, you can treat yourself to a massage. If you turn in your project before the deadline, you can get a sitter and go to your favorite restaurant with your significant other. Don’t set your goals too low and try not to choose inappropriate rewards that may undo all the work you’ve done. Treating yourself to an all-you-can-eat ice cream sundae buffet, for example, may not be the best choice for a reward after working hard to lose five pounds.


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