Oregon Quality Improvement Spotlight

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At Health Net, we work with your doctor and other health care professionals to give you high-quality products and services that help you stay healthy.

Our Quality Improvement program reviews our products and services to make sure they meet your health needs. Our programs:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Help members get important preventive care.
  • Provide proper disease management and improve chronic care.
  • Provide behavioral health services.
  • Promote health safety.
  • Make sure members get the right drug treatment.
  • Help members better understand their health.
  • Give members better access to health services.

In 2016, Health Net improved in many clinical areas that are checked once a year.

The table below highlights some of the results:

Measures of clinical care Improved from
previous year1
Above national
Well-care visits for teens
Adults not given antibiotics
for bronchitis
Once a year monitoring for patients
on persistent medications
Use of imaging studies for
low back pain
Well-child visits in the 3rd, 4th, 5th,
and 6th years of life

1 Commercial PPO population
22016 Quality Compass National PPO and EPO percentile (50th percentile)

If you would like to know more about our Quality Improvement program, please call the Customer Contact Center at the toll-free number on your Health Net ID card.




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