Honoring the special women in your life

Portrait Of Mother And Son In Countryside Smiling To Camera

She raised you, cared for you, taught you and helped you make your way in the world. Most of all, she loved you.

And whether she is your biological mother, adopted mother, aunt, foster mother, grandmother, step-mother or even big sister, the woman in your life who fills the role of “mom” deserves a special Mother’s Day.

So, how do you do that? While sending or giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card is lovely, we’ve rounded up additional options that are a bit more creative.

Get crafty

  • Put together a Jar of Love: Get a mason jar and decorate the outside however you like. Write down lots of reasons that you love mom on small slips of paper and place inside. Make this a sibling effort and mom is sure to love it even more.
  • Create a hand-made collage of family photos or restore a favorite historical family photo and have it framed.
  • Edit together a special video of clips from past family home videos.
  • Have your kids make something special for mom or grandma: Paint a tote bag for groceries, laminate photos and make them into bookmarks and finger-paint hand prints on oven mitts. These no-fail options are usable and tug at the heartstrings.
  • Assemble a “Mom’s Day Off” basket with some items to help her relax: Sudoku or crossword puzzles, a new book or magazine, nail polish, grown-up coloring book with pencils and aromatherapy oils.

Wax a little poetic

  • Forget the card; write her a personal note with five reasons you love her.
  • Recognize the sacrifices she made during your childhood. Write some of them down and thank her. Make it extra special by reading them to her over the phone or in person.

Put yourself to work

  • Weed her garden, do the laundry, wash dishes, vacuum the house, dust, run errands … the list is endless when you’re a mom. Give her a break from those things she most likely did – or still does – tirelessly for you and the family.

Be extra generous

  • Send her for a magical retreat to a place she’s always wanted to visit.
  • Help and support your mother with the thing she “always wanted to do” but never did. Has she talked about writing a novel, going back to school, starting a business, climbing a mountain? Give her a hand in realizing her dream.

It isn’t always necessary to spend copious amounts of money for Mother’s Day, however. Simply spending the day with mom or grandma, while doing something she enjoys, can be special and meaningful.

Spoiling the special women in your life with your time could quite possibly be the best gift you give this Mother’s Day.




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Lisa Engber-Shomo