Want to kick up your confidence and boost your self-esteem?

Find healthy ways to relaxWhen you take the time to show kindness to others – as well as appreciate all that you have – you might find yourself enjoying better sleep, less anxiety and a more optimistic outlook.

This is a great reason to participate in Health Net’s Be the Change Challenge that takes place all this month.


Small things make a big difference
Your goal is to make a positive and kinder impact on yourself and on those around you. We’ve set up a point system to help you track your progress.

You’ll earn up to 75 points (up to 5 per day) by:

  • going above and beyond to help a colleague, friend, or family member
  • taking two 10-minute technology-free breaks per day
  • connecting by conversation with a friend or family member instead of electronic communication
  • eating a meal without distraction
  • writing down one thing you’re grateful for each day
How to join the Be the Change Challenge
  1. Log in to healthnet.com
  2. Select Wellness Center > Explore All Wellness Tools
  3. After reading the disclaimer, click Continue > Rewards > Credits
  4. Scroll down to Join a challenge > Get Started

Our Be the Change Challenge began March 1 and runs through March 31, 2018.

Try the challenge, be the change. Who knows? You might develop positive habits for life!




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