Finding the right doctor for you

patient and doctor_482x414_pngWhen it comes to good overall health and wellness, the bond you create with your doctor/primary care physician (PCP) can be the key. Finding the right doctor, one with whom you share a mutual trust and respect, is an important step to having better health results that last. Health Net cares about the connection you have with your doctor, and we want to help you have the best experience possible each time you visit.

Talking with your doctor
At Health Net, we know that talking – building that trust and respect – with your doctor isn’t always easy. We also know that good health care is a team effort, and we want to help you understand the important role you have as a member of your own team. We can help you have as open and honest a connection with your doctor as you can.

At first, talking about your health issues may feel awkward, but a good doctor will help guide you along the way. This means he or she makes you feel at ease and listens to your questions and concerns. It also means your doctor will make his or her ideas clear – in terms you can understand.

How to talk to your doctor
Good communication with your doctor can mean less confusion, fewer errors and a quicker recovery. One of the best ways to talk to your doctor is to ask questions. Because time can be short during medical appointments, you will feel less rushed if you prepare your questions before your visit. Other tips include:

  • Ask for details about how any recommended procedure or prescription will benefit you.
  • Have the doctor explain again, in detail, if you still don’t understand what you are being told.
  • Speak up! Don’t be afraid to express your concerns about something.

Take someone you trust
If you are unsure about your medical visit, take a trusted friend or family member along. They can take notes and remind you about issues you want to discuss. After the visit is over, your friend or family member can help you remember the doctor’s instructions as well.

Don’t forget, it can take more than one visit – or trying more than one doctor – to find the right fit for you. If you feel that you need a change, Health Net can help. Call the Customer Contact Center phone number on your ID card or use our online ProviderSearch tool on

For more helpful tips about how to gain and maintain a lasting connection with your doctor, please visit these two links on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality website:

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