Action Today. Healthier Tomorrow. What you need to know about substance abuse prevention and mental health

talking with friend iStock_000014991230SmallMay 13–19 marks 2018 National Prevention Week, a nationwide observance sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Why is National Prevention Week important?
Alcohol and illegal drug abuse, prescription drug misuse and mental health problems are widespread issues affecting millions of people. National Prevention Week is a reminder that we can help our communities influence the health and well-being of others. Simple, daily acts of prevention can lead to healthier lives.  Our words and actions – like helping a friend make positive choices or supporting a family member in need – can make a difference.

myStrength – A tool to help yourself
A way to take part in National Prevention Week is to use myStrength, a no-cost tool provided to Health Net members. You can access self-help resources that will help you stay mentally and physical healthy. It offers customized in-the-moment mood tracking and instant stress-relief tools that can help achieve lasting, healthy change.

Sign up for myStrength
myStrength can also give you information and ideas about how to talk about behavioral health to friends and loved ones. myStrength is available to Health Net members at any time. Check it out! Log in to  and click on the Wellness Center tab to find myStrength. Then click Discover myStrength > Go to myStrength.

Why should I take part?
Anyone and everyone can make a difference. You can talk with youth about substance abuse. You can promote healthy choices and behaviors. Whatever you do, when you choose to participate, you and your community can help to change the life of someone who may be struggling.

Together, let’s help raise awareness, for healthier communities, and a healthier you.




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