Healthy Plate Challenge 2019 Starts in May

Balanced DietImprove your nutrition one meal at a time! Follow these healthy plate guidelines:

  • Fill at least half of a 9-inch dinner plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • One quarter plate with whole-grain foods.
  • One quarter plate with lean protein.

Your goal is to accumulate 45 meals meeting these guidelines.

The plate method for healthy eating is a great way to help improve food choices and limit portions. Using a common mealtime visual, a plate, this method shows you how to use the five food groups to build your meals. It is such an easy technique, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) replaced its Food Pyramid with the My Plate Method in 2010. Practice how to make this method work for you by joining this challenge.

How can I join in the Healthy Plate Challenge?

 Log in to

  1. Select Wellness Center.
  2. Click on Explore All Wellness Tools.
  3. After reading the disclaimer, click
  4. Click on
  5. Click on
  6. Scroll down to “Join a challenge” and click Get Started.


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