June 15 Webinar: Summertime Safety for Your Family

family in hammockIt’s that time of the year again!  The first day of summer is right around the corner and you probably want to get outdoors and take advantage of the long, warm summer days.  It’s important to drink lots of water, dress properly, wear sunscreen, be careful around the pool, and watch out for those ticks!

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Stress Relief Tips to Take to Heart

Are racing thoughts keeping you awake Sunday evening? ‘How am I ever going to finish that report on time?’ What you may be feeling is job stress.

Researchers are finding that job stress can increase the risk of heart attack, especially if you’re feeling a lot of stress in your daily life in general. But take heart: you can reduce your stress and protect your heart with these tips. Continue reading

On the Trail to Safety

Desert Trail Hike


Now that the weather is nice, you might be tempted to take a hike. A reinvigorating hike in the great outdoors is a great way to get in touch with Mother Nature.  Hiking encompasses everything from taking a quick walk in the woods to climbing major mountains with a 40-pound pack.

Regardless of distance, the best strategy to have fun and stay safe in the woods is to plan and prepare in advance of any amble. Read on for tips on getting started and making any adventure go smoothly.

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We’re in This Together

A family plan for better health

Board games, movie nights and vacations—lots of things are better as a family. And that includes getting and staying healthy.

So, moms and dads, get the whole family involved in moving more and eating right. If that sounds great in theory, but you’re not sure how to make better health a family affair, here’s a five-step plan:

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You Can Quit for Life

quit for lifeAre you ready to set a clear path to quitting? About 20 minutes after you quit tobacco, your body begins an amazing healing transformation that reduces your risk for cancer and many other health problems associated with tobacco. The Quit For Life® Program is here to help you every step of the way—beginning with a one-on-one phone conversation with a highly trained Quit Coach® staff member. Together, you’ll map out a personalized plan to help you overcome the triggers and barriers that make it hard to quit. Plus, your coach will give you tried-and-true strategies to manage cravings, handle social situations, and avoid triggers that can derail you. Continue reading

myStrength – The health club for your mind™

Decision-Power-IiStock_000017627693XSmallMental health is an integral and essential component of health. Health Net understands this and is partnering with myStrength to offer Health Net members complimentary access to myStrength.com.


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10 Small Changes that Deliver Big Health Benefits

Staying healthy can sometimes feel like a herculean task. But don’t despair, because – the reality is – small changes can deliver big health benefits.

What’s the best thing you can do to preserve good health and guard against future ailments and diseases?

Here are 10 things you can do that will help move the needle in the direction of good health.

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Set the Stage for Your Produce to Shine

Fresh organic vegetables in wicker basket in the gardenLet’s give a hand to fruits and vegetables! They’re the nutritional stars of your diet. But there’s nothing worse than loading up during your weekly trip to the farmers market only to find them languishing limply in your crisper drawer days later. To keep produce fresher for longer, try these four tips for coaxing the most out of produce.

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How Our Four-legged Friends Boost Our Well-being

woman and dog cropped iStock_000045940508_SmallWhether it’s Fluffy, Fido or Flicka, learn how animals enrich our lives

Research has found there are numerous human health benefits to owning a pet. Animals have been shown to improve health in several ways and can have social and psychological benefits as well. It’s clear to see that while we are taking care of our pets, our pets are taking care of us.

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