New Video: Using the PureCare One EPO Network

EPOIf you have a PureCare One EPO health plan, then we want to ensure that you make the most of your coverage by using the PureCare One EPO network! We created a video to explain a little more about your plan, how to find and choose doctors that work within this plan, and give you tips on how to avoid extra costs when using this plan. Continue reading

The Latest (and Final) Video in our Series: Who Does What in Health Care?

Health Care: Who Does What?  

Do you know what the health care marketplace is, and how all the companies such as Health Net play a part?

The last video in our new series will help you understand the marketplace and how it works.

 Watch: “Who Does What in Health Care?”


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The Latest Video: Health Plan Types & Networks

What is a network? 

Do you know how to explain a health plan network?  Do you know how networks affect your costs, based on what type of plan you have?

This fourth video in our new series will help you understand a network and how it works with your plan.

Watch: “Health Plan Types & Networks”


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Our Latest Video: The Health Plan for You

What’s the difference between HMO and PPO plans?                                             

Do you know what it means to have an HMO plan versus a PPO plan? And the costs associated with each one? Would you like to know how to find out which plans are available in your area?

The third video in our new series will help you understand the key differences and figure out which type of plan is right for you.

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Our latest video for you: Know Your Health Coverage Costs

What do you know about health coverage costs?      

Do you understand what you pay and when? Do you want to learn more about how your plan helps pay for the costs when you have an accident or illness? Or what the costs could be if you didn’t have health insurance?

Know Your Health Coverage Costs”


The second video in our new series will help you better understand the costs related to your health insurance! Continue reading

New Video for Members Debuts Online: The Right Fit

Still confused about health insurance?        

Do you know which health plan is right for you? Do you want to learn more about how health insurance works? Or want to know what HMO, premiums, deductibles and in-network mean?                                                    

Introducing a new video series to help you better understand health insurance! Continue reading

Try Health Net’s Hospital Advisor Tool

Health Net offers several online tools to help you in deciding where to get quality care and services. One of these is the Hospital Advisor Tool, which is powered by WebMD® and allows you to easily compare hospitals by the number of patients treated, mortality and complication rates, length of stay, and average costs. These reports are based on state, Leapfrog Group patient safety, and hospital satisfaction data.

View Your Hospital’s Safety Score video, from To learn more, click “Continue Reading”, below.


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Health Net of Arizona is Committed to Making Health Care Work

Ranking ArizonaFor the 11th year in a row, Health Net of Arizona, Inc. has been named the No.1 HMO in the state by “Ranking Arizona,” the largest annual business opinion poll in Arizona.

“It is wonderful to know that voters believe Health Net is the “best of the best” in what we do,” said Rose Megian, president of Health Net of Arizona.

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New “My Plan Choice” Video

Making It Easier for You to Choose a Health Plan!

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment 2014 is in full swing – and Health Net wants to help!

We’ve released a new video called “My Plan Choice” for people like you who may currently be uninsured or are seeking to purchase health insurance for the first time. The video is a great resource to help you learn about health plan costs through Covered California and other factors of how coverage works!


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COBRA Beneficiaries: There’s Still Time to Sign up for a Covered California Policy

California marketplace created “special-enrollment period” through July 15, 2014

Health Net, Inc. reminds those with health insurance benefits through COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) that they have through July 15, 2014, to enroll in a Covered California policy.

Covered California, the state’s new health insurance marketplace, created a special-enrollment period (SEP) to give COBRA enrollees extra time to enroll for a marketplace policy.

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