May 9 member webinar: Mindfulness for Health & Happiness

meditation_300x200_social mediaMindfulness can be a peaceful way to help you maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. To help reveal the health-enhancing elements of this simple yet powerful practice, Health Net is offering a telephone/webinar-based class titled, “Mindfulness for Health & Happiness.”

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Safely dispose of unneeded or expired Rx drugs this Saturday, April 28

ThinkstockPhotos-MD001994_jpgDo you have plastic bottles in your home that contain prescription medications you no longer need? Please don’t’ toss them in the garbage or flush them down the toilet; these pills can be harmful if taken by someone for whom they weren’t prescribed, and many are also harmful to the environment. But, there is a safe way to dispose of them. Continue reading

Mental health hospitalization: The importance of follow-up care

SAF 0597_CMYK_crop_jpgMore than one in five people in the United States experience some form of mental illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It is more common than we think, and caring for yourself at the time of a mental health crisis is a sign of strength and empowerment.

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Talking to your child about school gun violence

Mom and daughterWhenever possible, a child’s first teacher is his or her parent. With heavy topics like school shootings and gun violence, it’s better that children get the facts from their parents or guardians so that any information received through friends or social media can be measured against the talks with you – a trusted, informed adult. Continue reading

Finding the right doctor for you

patient and doctor_482x414_pngWhen it comes to good overall health and wellness, the bond you create with your doctor/primary care physician (PCP) can be the key. Finding the right doctor, one with whom you share a mutual trust and respect, is an important step to having better health results that last. Health Net cares about the connection you have with your doctor, and we want to help you have the best experience possible each time you visit. Continue reading